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>Did they happen to say anything about the ranchers?  Or water?  

Eric, Mr.Robocop.     You asked about ranchers.  There is not a private land issue along the Crazy Cook route where permissions have to be obtained, as far as I can discern.  After all, it is “official” CDT now.  The main way that ranchers impact the hiker is whether they have decided drought conditions are too bad and have pulled their cattle off the range.  That, of course, would mean that windmills have a far greater chance of being turned off.  Jim and Ginny have very helpful info about their experience with water sources along the Crazy Cook route.  Besides looking at their CDT info, check out their 2006 journal also.  

Eric, the BLM ranger, said there are 5 water stashes in metal boxes along the route from Crazy Cook to Lordsburg.  Their locations lurk on their website, even with GPS coordinates. They are unfortunately fairly near the main roads, but the first one is on a dirt road on the east side of Big Hatchet.  They even have photos of the locations on the website, but for the life of me, I can’t see how they help.  It all looks like similar Chihuahua Desert to moi.   He said they have not had problems with “illegals” taking the water, partly because the boxes are close to roads and the Border Patrol is all over that area, for sure.  He did recommend that one run around by car and hide your own stashes near the several road crossings, just to be on the safe side.  

The main thing I’m working on regarding water is designing the best lightweight method I can devise for coming on a pretty foul cattle pond when I really need water and how I am going to “strain” and passive-filter it, before purifying it.  I’m not taking a pump filter because it would clog in a NY minute!  Bandanas just aren’t enough.  Of course, any result would have to have crystal lite or something added to it for a tolerable flavor.    Still workin’ on it, because I want to be able to take advantage of most any water, if I possibly can.

Therefore, if anyone wants to share their brilliant solution (no pun) for making muddy, cow-“enhanced” water usable, please share it… privately or on the list.

Eric, Tried to stop by your house off Chihuahua Valley Rd several years back when placing water for myself on the PCT.  Couldn’t be sure I had the right place and, anyway, no one seemed to be home in those few houses there.  Good luck this summer.

Dr Bob



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