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For anyone crazy enough to start even later than us from Crazy Cook (we're only going to Spring Creek Pass and want to hit the San Juans when plenty of snow has melted, but this made for a hot walk from Crazy Cook to Lordsburg).  We cahced water at teh 5 BLM boxes, plus where the trail crosses Hwy 90.  There is some water left at each location, from 1 to 6 gallons.  Either water we had left over or water left in "Reliant" containers by someone else, probably a trail angel.  No gurantees how long any is there.  At highway 90 the jug is under teh large tree just north of the gate just north of teh highway, you'll see it.  Can't report on too many of the tanks - as we had enough of our own water to get us through, but most were off trail or had greenish water.  A couple had spigots, notably one that was about 9 miles north of highway 9.  Not many CDT markers, lots of cross country travel, which was nice in its own special way. Silver City is a neat little town!



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