[Cdt-l] digital cameras and lithium batteries

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Lithium lasts forever. I had resupply boxes shipped to me with the assumption of new batteries every few weeks, and soon found myself carrying multiple spares and periodically shipping them home. For the entire CDT I used three sets, and even then none actually ever went dead, I just changed them to be sure. I kept about a thousand photos, took even more.


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Subject: [Cdt-l] digital cameras and lithium batteries

For the first time ever, I have a new digital camera. I am trying to figure this new amazing toy out (it's tiny, light, slim and RED- a Casio EXLIM), but also am wondering how folks are dealing with re-charging batteries on the trail. I was assuming that I'd put the charger in my bounce box and re-charge in town. Then, a friend pointed out that the battery doesn't last more than a day or so, depending how much you keep the camera "on."

So, what to do? Keep multiple batteries in the pack? They are small. What do others do?

I'm currently testing the camera to see how many days I can go shooting about ten or so pictures per day before the battery runs down.


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