[Cdt-l] Cdt-l Many glacier resupply

R Smith ronyon at comcast.net
Tue May 5 19:51:07 CDT 2009

Unless you are really tight on time, I recommend including a night at Many
Glacier campground (which is at Swiftcurrent, not Many Glacier Lodge) in
your itinerary. Hike in from Poila in the morning, if that's where you're
coming from, enjoy lunch and hot shower, resupply from the campstore, have
dinner at the Italian restuarant. Take a couple of beers back to your tent.
The next morning a hot breakfast at same restaurant, then off to Reynolds
Campground, which can be a full day if there is much snow. 

...I've read about people resupplying in Many Glacier in GNP. I've been
several times on various hikes, but don't remember seeing a store. Is it
inside the lodge or in another building? How good/easy a resupply is it?
Being a sissy hiker these days, I'd rather carry only a couple of days of
food at the start of the trip.

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