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TI = Trails Illustrated Color Topographic Maps made of water and
tear-resistant plastic.

*Maps—Colorado—All 40% Off Retail! *
Colorado Bicycling Map (paper)  $1
Hike Closer to Home—Denver Foothills Map—paper—$2—Save 60%
TI 102 - Indian Peaks/Gold Hill—Retail: $12: You Pay: $7
TI 103 - Winter Park/Central City/Rollins Pass—Retail: $12; You Pay: $7
TI 104 - Idaho Springs/Loveland Pass—Retail: $12; You pay: $7
TI 108 - Vail/Frisco/Dillon—Retail: $12; You Pay: $7
TI 109 - Breckenridge/Tennessee Pass—Retail: $12; You Pay: $7
TI 110 – Leadville/Fairplay—Retail: $12: You Pay: $7
TI 115 - Rand/Stillwater Pass—Retail: $12: You Pay: $7
TI 116 - Hahns Peak/Steamboat Lake—Retail: $12: You Pay: $7
TI 117 - Clark/Buffalo Pass—Retail: $12: You Pay: $7
TI 118 - Steamboat Springs/Rabbit Ears Pass—Retail: $12: You Pay: $7
TI 126 - Holy Cross/Ruedi Reservoir—Retail: $12; You Pay: $7
TI 127 - Aspen/Independence Pass—Retail: $12; You Pay: $7
TI 129 - Buena Vista/Collegiate Peaks—Retail: $12: You Pay: $7
TI 130 - Salida/St Elmo/Shavano Peak—Retail: $12; You Pay: $7
TI 131 Crested Butte—Retail: $12; You Pay: $7
TI 139 - La Garita/Cochetopa Hills—Retail: $12: You Pay: $7
TI 140 - Weminuche Wilderness—Retail: $12; You Pay: $7
TI 141 – Silverton/Ouray/Telluride/Lake City—Retail: $12; You Pay: $7
TI 142 - South San Juan Wilderness/Del Norte—Retail: $12: You Pay: $7
TI 200 - Rocky Mountain NP—Retail: $12; You Pay: $7
TI 128 Maroon Bells—Retail: $12; You Pay: $7

NF = National Forest Color Topo Maps made of paper, unless otherwise noted.

Note: Most Forest Service maps have the Continental Divide National Scenic
Trails highlighted in yellow, with sections listed in pen or marker.  They
may still be used for other purposes, but you should know that while all are
in excellent condition (none were taken out into the field), they are not
BLM = Bureau of Land Management Color Topo Maps made of paper
Note: Most BLM maps have the Continental Divide National Scenic Trails
highlighted in yellow, with sections listed in pen or marker.

*Maps—Wyoming—At Least 40% Off Retail! *
Grand Teton National Park Color Plastic Topo Map (2001)—Retail: $10; You
Pay: $6
Earthwalk Press Wind River Range—North(2005)—Tear/WaterProof Plastic—Retail:
$10; You Pay: $6
Earthwalk Press Wind River Range—South(2005)—Tear/WaterProof Plastic-Retail:
$10; You Pay: $6
Bridger-Teton NF—Pinedale Ranger District/Bridger Wilderness
(1996)—Tear/Water Proof Plastic—Retail: $14; You Pay: $8
BLM South Pass—Retail: $8; You Pay: $5
BLM Bairoil—Retail: $8; You Pay: $5
BLM Rawlins—$2—75% off (map was taped back together; it is complete but
BLM Baggs—$2—75% off (map was taped back together; it is complete but worn)
Medicine Bow NF (1998)—Tear/Water Proof Plastic with Highlighting—Retail:
$14; You Pay: $8

*Maps—New Mexico—All 40% Off Retail!*
El Malpais Recreation Map—Retail: $10; You Pay: $6
BLM Chaco Mesa (2005)—Retail: $8; You Pay: $5
BLM Acoma Pueblo (2007)— Retail: $8; You Pay: $5
BLM Fence Lake (2007)— Retail: $8; You Pay: $5
BLM Quemado (2002)— Retail: $8; You Pay: $5

*Marmot Helium 900 Fill 15 Degree Sleeping Bag*

Retail: $370
My Price: $225 + S&H

This top-of-the-line mummy sleeping bag has remarkable 900 fill and is
certified down to 15 degrees.  It’s clean and pleasantly aromatic because I
have pampered it in my apartment and on the trail.  It has been properly
maintained: fully extended--not compacted--to preserve loft, away from
temperature extremes, and away from damaging UV rays. I have made only one
repair: 3/4” wide & long. (see the photo entitled “Helium Repair” and look
for a square swatch of blue ripstop nylon on the lower left side).  The
actual tear was about half the size of the repair.  The half zipper down
left side of sleeping bag (to reduce weight) works perfectly. There is cord
around the top of the bag to constrict the sleeping bag opening around one’s
face (I’ve used this to constrict the opening of the sleeping to the size of
my mouth in a snowstorm).  According to the Marmot website, if you are over
6’ tall, you will want a Helium Long, not this sleeping bag. Size: 76” long;
13” wide (feet); 25” wide (shoulders). Weight 1lb 13oz.
Also included:
- One large cotton stuff sack, for longer-term storage.
- One small/compact stuff sack, for use when backpacking.
- One swatch of blue ripstop nylon for repairs.  Size: 4” x 3”

*Silk Sleeping Bag Liner from New Zealand—Half Price! *

Retail: $40
My Price: $20 + S&H

Protect your sleeping bag and sleep in luxury. The mummy liner made of New
Zealand silk is in pristine condition.  It was used during 1-2 trips (at
most) and has been pampered...no tears, no repairs, no weak spots.
Incredibly comfortable, it will protect your investment in the Marmot Helium
by keeping the bag clean, so you don't need to wash the bag as often.
Retail: $40.  I cannot believe I posted a price of $15--this is  a steal!
Weight: 3.5oz.

*Super-Lightweight  TarpTent Shelter—Half Price!*

Retail: $230
My Price: $115 + S&H

Lightweight: 1lb 11.5oz (includes tent + bag, two poles, 6 titanium stakes +
Perfect condition.  Rarely used; gently used.
Exterior: 85” long, 50” wide, highpoint (head) = 43”, lowpoint (feet) = 18”
Interior: floor at head = 37” wide; floor at feet = 28” wide.
Good ventilation: entire front is mesh; 9” mesh separates the tent floor
from the tent ceiling.  Can replace one of the poles with a trekking pole to
reduce weight.
Better than buying new: I sealed all seams on the tent roof; I added two
side guy lines for better protection from wind and strong rain storms; I’ve
included 3 super-lightweight titanium stakes (it only came with 3).
Front and rear guy lines have reflective material so you won’t trip over
them at night.
Large triangular door is partially protected from wind-blown rain by a
“beak,” which is secured in place by a guyline.
Repair materials included: nylon swatch to repair tent, 4” x 3”; needle,
thread, small scissors

*OR GoreTex Rocky Mountain High Gaiters*

Retail: $55
My Price: $25 + S&H

15” Tall (from bottom to top of gaiter—size small), they keep out snow, rain
and dirt; Durable under-boot strap is 10” long; Used once; Pristine
condition.  Weight = 8.5oz.

*YakTrak Pro Snow/Ice Traction*

Retail: $30
My Price: $15 + S&H—Save 50%

Lightweight, effective traction device with two “x” formations of 1.4mm
abrasion-resistant steel coils; best for crusted snow or ice, not deep snow;
Kept in place by Velcro strap over shoes; Suitable for size 9/10(men) or
11/12(women); Weight: 4.5oz

*Super Backpack for Hiking or Travel*

Retail: $350
My Price: $195 + S&H

Gregory Whitney Backpack
Built for large loads on the trail or in a hostel, the Gregory Whitney
backpack is remarkably comfortable and spacious (5000+ cubic inches).  With
access to gear through the top, both sides and the upper and lower parts of
the front of the pack, it is easy to find what you need quickly, without
emptying your pack on the trail or in a bus station.  Two metal stays
distribute the load effectively while the 5.25” wide, padded hipbelt with
plastic reinforcements make any load easy to carry.  Both shoulder straps
are ergonomically shaped and padded.  The backpack lid is removable for day
use and has a key chain to keep valuables safe inside.  Side pockets on each
side of the pack keep water bottles, guidebooks, and maps within reach at
all times. Multiple compression straps keep loads compact and close to your
back; comes with two ice-axe loops and daisy chains. Made of exceptionally
durable ripstop nylon with the bottom of the pack being made out of a
petroleum-based rubber fabric, this backpack will provide years of comfort!

*Water-Resistant GoreTex Hiking Socks*

Retail: $50
My Price: $20

Manufactured by Rocky, these size 7/8 (men) or 9/10 (women) water-resistant
breath as they keep your feet dry as you cross shallow creeks and streams.
As long as water does not enter through the top of the sock, you will enjoy
dry feet as your companions walk with water-logged socks or waste time
putting on and taking off their fording shoes.  Pristine condition.  Half

*Don’t Guess!  Measure!—Electronic Scale From 1/8oz to 5lb. 4oz*

Retail: $25
My Price: $12

Good Cook electronic scale; in the grams setting, it measures from 2 to
2,400 grams (2.4kg) in 2 gram increments; in the lb./oz setting it measures
from 1/8oz to 5lb 4oz in 1/8oz increments; size: 6” wide x 9.5” long x 1.5”
deep; auto shut-off function; plastic tray included; instructions on the
back of the scale.

*Measure Trail Distances—Electronic Map Wheel for Effective Map Study*

Retail: $30
My Price: $15

Manufactured by Scalex, this device is the only way to accurately estimate
the distances between points on a topographic map.   With over 19 built-in
scales, along with the ability to enter your own scale, the map wheel can be
used on every map to estimate distances in miles, kilometers, or nautical
miles.  Plus, the device has the ability to mark a stop or attraction (a
campsite or a scenic overlook or place to rest), then add distances as you
go.  You know it’s working because as the wheel turns it beeps, and when you
stop using it, it turns itself off automatically.  Comes with 2-AAA
batteries. A “must-have” for accurate map study before heading into the

*Glacier Gloves—Protection from the Sun and Cold*

Retail: $25
My Price: $10

With an SPF rating of 30, these gloves protect your fingers, the back of the
hand, and part of your wrist from the ruthless UV rays that get more
powerful as you climb.  In good condition, these gloves protected me from
the chilly mornings and hot afternoons in the Rockies.  The gloves stay in
place with Velcro strap while the palms have extra gripping power to hold
onto your trekking poles, no matter how much your hands sweats.  Size Medium
accommodates wrists from 8” to 10” around.

*Olympus Stylus Epic 35mm Camera*

Retail: $100
My Price: $50 + S&H—Save 50%

Light, compact easy to use point-and-shoot camera that professional
photographers rave about (see
With a 1:2.8 fixed wide aperture lens (no zoom), the black, plastic, water
resistant body has no scratches or weak spots, but the white lettering on
both sides of the camera body have faded. Weight: 6.25 oz with battery and
film; Size: 4.5” long, 2.5” wide, 1.5” deep; Includes wrist strap and
instructions.  Retail: $100.  My Price: $60 + S&H—Save 40%

I also have Lithium Camera Batteries; Retail: $8 for two; My Price: $4 for
Extra-long lasting and lighter than other batteries, I have all the
batteries you’ll need during you thru-hike.  I have 20 Li batteries to power
the Olympus Stylus Epic.

*Fuji Superia Reala 100 Speed, 36 exp 35mm Film; Retail: $4 each; My Price:
$2 each*

Retail: $4 each
My Price: $2 each + S&H—Save 50%

Professional-grade film ideal for capturing the luscious colors of
landscapes (check out http://www.adorama.com; search for “Fuji Superia Reala
100; with 28 reviews the film received 5 out of 5 stars (!); also check out
I have 102 rolls of pristine film and 15 rolls of film that have some dust
on the exposed film.  For every 25 rolls of pristine film that you buy, I’ll
give you 5 rolls of the dusty film for free.  Retail;: $4 each.  My Price:
$2 each +S&H—Save 50%

Always Keep a Journal—Even When Tired—Digital Voice Recorder—$5

Clear Plastic UTM Reader—Measure Waypoints for your GPS—$8—25% off

Aqua Mira water treatment drops. 1oz. (full); $9—Save 25%

Aqua Mira 2oz bottle; Refill the 1oz bottles at home; partial; $5—Save 60%

Hitch-Hiker’s Bandana—Says “Hiker to Town” and “Hiker to Trail”—$11—25% off

Pocket Naturalist Guide to the Night Sky—Plastic, Compact, Light—$3—Half
Off! (with Eric)

30SPF sunblock stick—partially used—still quite of bit left--$1

1oz small plastic containers for bug dope, seasonings, or hand sanitizer—3
available—$1 each

.25oz tiny plastic containers—4 available—$1 each

Replace Desert Gaiter Rope—17" of climbing rope—$1

Lightweight Quick-Drying MSR Camp Towel (small: 18”x6”)—$3

First Aid Supplies
New Skin liquid application; .5 oz bottle; $1
Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Cream for Poison Ivy/Oak; 1oz, Never used.  $2
Tinactin Anti-Fungal Cream for Athlete’s Foot; .5oz; Never used.  $1
Oral Anesthetic Cream—Eliminate Pain from Blisters; .25oz; Never used.  $1
    Triple antibiotic ointment (1oz) $2
Micropore tape (recommended in the insightful book, Fixing Your Feet),  $2
One medium used ace bandage, $1

Small, durable plastic case for ID, cash, keys and other valuables (6.25" x
5.5"), $1

Swatch of royal blue fabric for gear repairs for $1

Backcountry sewing kit: 7 needles, 6 colors of thread, 7 safety pins, mini
scissors—Two available—$2 each

Compact roll of duct tape--$1

Fluorescent earplugs—four pairs available—$1 each

54” spare shoelaces, white.  $1

8oz bottle of Purell hand sanitizer—$2

Nikwax Waterproofing wax for leather (partial; 3/4 full)  $2

*Other Maps and Resources—All 40% Off Retail!*
TI 222 Denali National Park—Retail: $12; You Pay: $7
Denali NP Backcountry Planning Guide—Retail: $6; You Pay: $4
AAA Map o& Campbook for Alaska and Northwest Canada—FREE
TI Plastic Color Topo Map for Grand Canyon NP—Retail: $12; you Pay: $7
National Park Service Color Pamphlet for Grand Canyon NP—FREE
Moab Adventure and Visitor’s Guide—FREE
AAA Campbook for Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah—FREE

USGS 7.5" Color, Paper Topo Maps for Cross-Country Routes in Sequoia NP
Sphinx Lakes (2 copies)—$2—75% off!
Mt. Brewer—$2—75% off!
Lodgepole—$2—75% off!
Mt. Silliman—$2—75% off!
Triple Divide Peak (2 copies)—$2—75% off!
Mt. Kaweah—$2—75% off!
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