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back on the net again....

Looking forward to the Wind Rivers. I am hoping to follow some nice country out there- at least to Titcomb basin & Cirque of the towers and to climb a couple of peaks.

Southern Yellowstone was very pretty for us with the Eagle Creek-Mountain Creek valleys being surrounded by nice distant peaks and the Thorofare and upper Yellowstone having a lovely mellow atmosphere. As we were hiking along the Yellowstone here, 4 otters floated downstream right by us- a great sight. We hiked up Atlantic Creek to Two Ocean pass back to the CDT. I have to admit that I was delighted to pull out my old friends - the J Ley maps- again after 3 weeks on our Big Sky-Butte super cut off variant. Its been roughly 300 or so miles and 3 weeks since leaving the CDT official east of Butte. Its been a great hike and I will detail our travels with comments for any future hikers that might want to go that way when we return home to scotland in mid-october.


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Sorry to hear that. We still remember meeting you guys at the col beside San Luis peak and having a great chat. all the best for the future.
Brian (and Martina) - just running out of library time but in Jackson WY after hitching from Togwatee Pass. Looking forward 

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I should have written this email a while ago.  Anyway, it is official:
Reason and Cruiser are off the trail.  After flip-flopping up to
Canada and heading down through GNP to East Glacier, I couldn't ignore
the injuries slowing me down.  After several aborted attempts to hike
into the Bob Marshal Wilderness we made the decision to call it quits
for now.  It goes without saying, but we had an extraordinary time.
Thanks to everyone who helped us along the way and bon voyage to all
the hikers out there!


Todd DeLuca
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