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yes I agree with Dylan. 

Damian Spring is north of Wagontongue Mountain as marked on Jonathon's map NM29. We found it after a little hunting around, its in a rocky gully, but it was dry in Spring 2009 for us as well. Probably best NB to head for the road via the windmill, trail angel supply or hitch to Reserve (or good water at NM27 Valle tio Vinces).
The burn north of Wagontongue Mountain by the way is very short, maybe 500m and NB we found the trail in the woods again by looking to the right (east). Its not too bad, if you have made it this far its a breeze. Martina had a blistered foot and did this section with one trail shoe and one flip-flop!



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The small spring just north of Wagontongue Mountain was nearly dry in spring 2009. (I *think* it was called "Damien Spring.")  It was pretty hard to find, even with the Wolf Guide's description.

There was also a windmill (two miles?) North of Damien Spring.  (I think it was Aragon Windmill??)  This was full of green algea water when I visited, and was not pumping, despite steady wind.

Finally, a trail angel left 10 gallons of water at NM Highway 12 one mile north of Aragon Spring.

Dylan Carlson
CDT nobo 2009

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>Good description.  If these coordinents look west of where the trail is on the USGS map, I think the trail was relocated west (and back east in a big switchback) just before the fire.  Generally, error toward the east side of the burn.  If you try to follow the trail, your momentum will take you west into the middle of the burn (from either direction).  Jonathan may have a better description this year.
>We missed the water source just north of the burn and went on to the soso windmill just before the road.  Does anyone have information on the spring?

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