[Cdt-l] Important Waterton Lodging Info!

Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Mon Aug 9 11:52:13 CDT 2010

Hey CDT'ers!
I have been busy on this zero day in Darby, MT.
The Waterton Lakes Alpine Hostel is booked solid due to a construction crew.. ALL summer.
The next best thing.. I.e. only other inexpensive lodging is the Waterton Townsite RV Park and Campground.
You MUST make a reservation ahead of time for this place as they too might be booked on the day you arrive. To do this you need to call Parks Canada at 1-877-737-3783
Walk in sites without parking or fire rings are $33.10
According to the Hostel owner the cheapest hotel in Waterton(Bear Mtn Motel) is $135.00 U.S. Right now! So 33 bucks is a deal if you, like me, are just "passing through".
Of course as with all places you could just stealth camp I am sure. 
Check in time is 2PM and out at 11AM.
The price of the campground does not include your "Park entrance fee" which I assume they will get us for at Goat Haunt.
The campground charges a $10.88 penalty if you cancel your reservation.
Wow.. And I thought Canadians only got reamed on the price of magazines!
Anyhow, I went for the security of having a "no-hassle" place to pitch a tent on my last night of the trail at Waterton.
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