[Cdt-l] Water Report J. Ley MT31

Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Sun Aug 15 13:55:32 CDT 2010

Water Report J. Ley MT31
Dry Cottonwood Creek, despite it's name, is flowing quite well. I know it has been reported to be contaminated with Arsenic but the ranchers I spoke to all drink it as well as their livestock etc. Doesn,t make it safe but just FWIW.
The creeklet west of the divide south of peak 7495 (bottom of quad 34) is also trickling about 1 liter a minute.
Note #3 This trespass is no longer neccesary.
Just to the north the spot marked Cold Spring has been developed. There is a two foot tall green open topped tank fed by Cold Spring. Unless the cattle are super creative there is no way for them to fowl the tank(Maybe slobber in it though)
The spring is producing several liters of ice cold water per minute and the tank is full to overflowing.
Also as a minor side note the CDT now comes straight from FS1516 to Cold Spring and FS158. There are a few CDT markers etc.
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