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I just finished my thru hike of the CDT!
I am still in shock.
Anyhow I want to let you know about some details of Waterton.

First, it is true that the Glacier shuttles will not take you from Waterton to Glacier unless you originate in Glacier. However, Tmamrack outfiiters tamarackwaterton at mac.com phone: 403-859-2378 will, for $20 per person- 3 person minimum, take you to Chief mountain where the Glacier East side shuttle will take you to many or East Glacier. Be sure to call and find out if/when other folks have booked a shuttle from Waterton as all they need is 3 to 15 folks to make a Chief mountain run. they arrive at Chief Mtn 2:30PM with plenty of time to catch the East side Glacier Park shuttle arriving at east Glacier around 6:30 PM (Hostel at Serrano's is only $12 and totally awesome deal.. the best of the trail!)
Also, the Northern terminus monument.. I could not get the top to come off so i was unable to sign the register. It is truly a shame that some crazy hiker did not have a screwdriver or something to pry the thing open.. just saying.
Canada has graciously built the finest shi3house.. uh.. outhouse of the trail just 50 feet beyond the monument on Waterton lake. There were 4 rolls of TP! Crikey you gotta love the Cannucks!
Anyhow, Tmarack outfitters also runs a free shuttle to and from Red Rock canyon, a nearby hiking destination. The owner said she loves CDT hikers but is mystified as to why Tamarack is never mentioned in guide books as they are the place that handles both the Glacier shuttles and all the other Parks Canada travel arrangements. They have a full line of gear and are super helpful.. let's show them some love! Tamarack Outdoor Outfitters P.O. Box 67 Waterton park, AB T0K 2M0 Tel; 403-859-2378
also www.hikewaterton.com
I also made the amazingly bold move of presenting myself at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Office in Waterton... just to see what happens. Yes, I am THAT crazy. All they did is call Chief Mountain Canadian Customs. After a few typical customs questions I was wished a fine stay in Canada.. end of story.
Bear Pepper Spray IS legal to bring into Canada. The thing they DO NOT want is human defense pepper spray. Loosely defined as 7oz can or less. Obviously fire arms, tobacco, and fruit are prohibited to bring across the border as well.
Hey, be sure to see the Goat Haunt US customs officials down by the dock on your way to the border and they will stamp your passport with a mountain goat!
Cheers, the very happy, Iceaxe
P.S. Thanks to Jonathan Ley for the guidance of his incredible set of maps.. You are an incredible human being Bro! also Thanks to Yogi and your amazing town guide of both the PCT and CDT! They CDTS and Jim Wolf for pioneering this amazing adventure. The CDTA and volunteers for their tireless efforts to create and maintain a path, my fellow section and thru hiker buddies for making this experience unforgettable,my family for their unwavering support, and every one of the angels and towns folk and strangers for renwing my faith in humanity! You all are the VERY BEST FOLKS ON EARTH and don't you every doubt it!
You all have my infinite gratitude!

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