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I agree with the carrying of a SPOT indicator - you don't have to use it every night but it's there in case of an emergency - it saved goatmans life - he couldn't get to his packs for food and water since they were on his goats and they wandered away some to eat

el coyote
Keith and Mary
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Deming, NM

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Speaking of activating responses, regardless of how much or little we may value our lives at various stages, there's just no good reason NOT to carry a SPOT tracker anymore. The rhetoric about SPOT impairing our backcountry judgment is all but gone from the news, and the 'crutch' stigma is fading. SPOT simply frees us from worry over what our loved ones (or generous folks like Keith & Mary, or other trail angels) might be thinking.

Solo experiences are essential. We all need that perspective. The debate over how responsible solo travel can be is as old as the hills. SPOT is a simple way to quiet all that and focus on the reason you're out there: to hike your hike.

Let those of us at home live vicariously thru all 2011 thru-hikers: http://trackleaders.com/cdt


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I knew my thread would activate some major responses - I guess from all the discussions I have gleaned 2 questions - how much do you value your life and how many leave a plan with a trusted person? nuff said

el coyote
Keith and Mary
Trail Angels
Deming, NM

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