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Amen, Mags.
Although I would say that there is a huge difference between engaging in a
dangerous activity (hiking solo) and being reckless (hiking solo without
food, water, or maps).

On Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 1:41 PM, Paul Magnanti <pmags at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Despite what best practices may be, I will continue to hike alone.
> Being solo, every feeling, sight, smell, and sensation is much more
> intense.
> I am focusing on the wilderness....not my companion(s) who may be with me.
> When I make a pilgrimage into the wilderness, I sometimes need to do it
> alone.
> I want to walk off trail where other people do not go. See that alpine lake
> nestled against the ridge and
> sparkling in the morning light.
> Reckless? Perhaps.  But I have the knowledge, experience, and (most
> importantly)
> desire to be solo, to be immersed, to really experience
> the wilderness.
> "Only by going alone in silence can one truly get into the heart of the
> wilderness. All other travel is mere dust and hotels and baggage and
> chatter.
> –John Muir"
> At times, I want to experience the wilderness with others. Share the
> mountains
> with Adrianna; sometimes with other friends.  Show that vista that means so
> much
> to me and share it with others.
> But, I need to experience the wilderness solo at times.  And not have that
> immersion at times would be more reckless for me.
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