[Cdt-l] AZT to GDT route and the Infinity route

Thomas Hogeboom thogeboom at fairpoint.net
Thu Dec 16 14:29:56 CST 2010

As others have said, the AZT to GDT route looks amazing and extremely
interesting and well worth doing.  I think the whole beauty of 'design your
own hike' is that you get to live out your own dream.  Who cares if nobody
else follows suit?


For many years, I've entertained the thought of linking up not only the PCT
and the CDT, but the AT as well, into a giant figure eight lying on its
side.  Thus, Infinity.   My intent was to hike the obvious connectors, like
the Pacific Northwest Trail linking the northern ends of the PCT and CDT,
and also use other forms of self-powered or gravity powered travel (bike,
canoe, etc.) to link up other loose ends.  So far, I've only done the AT and
half the CDT - if the rest of it happens, great, if not, well I sure have
enjoyed what I've done so far.


The Hog

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