[Cdt-l] Water Report J. Ley WY23 Note #5

Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Mon Jul 12 13:55:23 CDT 2010

Water Report J.Ley WY23 note#5 The Windmill Solution
I found a way to get water from the windmill. You can't hide water from a plumber.
The tank is bolted ahut so don't bother messing around down there.
At the wellhead below the windmill. Remove the white plastic pipe plug I have left finger tight for you.
Look inside. If the windmill is spinning water will be surging through the tee every time the pump rod is on the up slide.
If you have a water filter carefully put the input hose inside the tee towards the pump rod side.. Just and inch or so now, if you go in to far your hose might become jammed between the pump rod and well housing.
Pump away!
If you do not have a filter you can carefull stuff your bandana down past the tee making sure to leave enough sticking out so you don't lose it down the pipe!
This effectively forms a dam and water will back up out of the tee and into your waiting bottle.
This is awesome cold water from down deep in the earth so enjoy!
Oh yea, obviously, replace the pipe plug.
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