[Cdt-l] Atlantic City Wyoming

Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Mon Jul 12 18:09:50 CDT 2010

Atlantic City Wyoming! 
Wow, Yogi deserves Kudos for this suggestion. The Atlantic City Mercantile held my box free of charge, put up with my "just off the Basin" stench, fed me a double cheeseburger, beer brewed in Lander, an a-la-mode brownie, and sold me a bag of cheetos for the road. This "town" is just 1 mile from our beloved CDT! I met all the folks at the mercantile and they said they "love us and admire what we are doing". My friends, from one satisfied CDT'er to another, send a box to Atlantic city, go eat a "cowboy" cheeseburger, drink an Atlantic city ale and relax!
Once again thank you Yogi for your excellant advice.
I have my resupply box and am cruising back up to meet the CDT with my belly full and my mind at ease.
No hitch, no hassle, just plain great folks here.
YeeHaa, I love Wyoming!
Wind River range is at my "doorstep".
Cheers Iceaxe

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