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yes - I don't know how prepared he is

el coyote
Deming, NM

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I started March 1st, 1980. We had a lot of snow, but were prepared for it!

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wow - in a week? way early start - earliest start I have ever heard of - you should mail your package to hachita if you are starting at crazy cook and try to contact sam hughes in hachita - he will give you a ride to the start point for about $60 - you should take the greyhound to lordsburg and have sam pick you up there
anybody have any words of advice for joey?

el coyote
Deming, NM

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Hi Guys!
I am Joey, nice to meet you!  I am staying in a hostel in Albuquerque and met another thru-hiker who has said that you are trail angels from Deming (I am sending a box of food to the post office there).  Anyways, I want to start at Crazy Cook in about a week and was wondering if you could help get me started.

Joey Shonka


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