[Cdt-l] Anyone familiar with Garmin eTrex VISTA HCx?

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 When I hiked, I just downloaded the topo maps and a few "points" where there was water.  It worked well enough.  Trust me, you will rarely be right on those tracks.  I was told I'd be lost daily.  I was sure the person did not know of "my" superior maps reading, gps skills.  Boy was I wrong and I was lost about daily.  The gps works beautifully as an extra tool to Jonathans maps as well as the blm maps, a compass and whatever you can get your hands on.  Yogi's book is a great resource as to which topo maps you need.  I spent a lot of time "refinding " the trail - it's an amazing hike.  Good luck.




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I have some questions around loading tracks on the Vista HCx. I now  
understand that you can only load 500 point tracks at a time.

Now I find the track log is "full" after loading NM and some of CO.  
There are about 20 tracks of around 500 points loaded on at this time.

How can I get the rest of the CDT states tracks on the Vista or is  
this not possible.

I am guess that there is a workaround e.g. preparing a CD with each  
state then deleting the used tracks and loading the new state tracks  
as you need them

Comments? Am I making this a too complicated project or does the  
Garmin Colorado do it better then the eTrex ?

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