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Brooks Wilson wilson.brooks at gmail.com
Tue Mar 30 00:08:31 CDT 2010

In a polar pur bottle there are 5 - 6 capfulls, enough for about 3 qts.

For long water hauls, I have a 3 qt reservoir with 2 - 1 qt bottles. When I
get to a water source, I fill up the reservoir with the qt bottles, then put
dirty water and iodine in the qt bottles. And if I get to a water source and
bottles and reservoir are empty, fill them all up and put the iodine in the
reservoir, then refill the bottle and head out. After an hour, stop and
treat the qt bottles. Then refill the iodine bottle again. Keeping the
iodine bottle stocked is key. That is for the longest haul and can be
modified for distance between water sources.

Another thing to point out with Polar Pur is that it needs to be at a
certain temperature to be effective. I think it's 68F. So with cold streams,
a dark bottle may need to be left in the sun a bit. But on the flip side,
most bacteria doesn't live in cold streams.
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