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for those of you doing CC -
richard - joey is still trying to get to the start as far as I know - trekker bob should be at my place tonight - then silver - he should be starting at CC sun or mon

el coyote
Deming, NM

?FYI the trail through the Burro's is clear.? Only the Northern slope of Burro Peak down to the FR has got any snow remaining.? Water is flowing well in several streams from Burro to Red Rock Road.? From Red Rock Road if given notice I can ferry from Red Rock Rd. into Silver.

Burro Mt.

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wow - in a week? way early start - earliest start I have ever heard of - you should mail your package to hachita if you are starting at crazy cook and try to contact sam hughes in hachita - he will give you a ride to the start point for about $60 - you should take the greyhound to lordsburg and have sam pick you up there
anybody have any words of advice for joey?

el coyote
Deming, NM

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Hi Guys!
I am Joey, nice to meet you!? I am staying in a hostel in Albuquerque and met another thru-hiker who has said that you are trail angels from Deming (I am sending a box of food to the post office there).? Anyways, I want to start at Crazy Cook in about a week and was wondering if you could help get me started.
Joey Shonka


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