[Cdt-l] Women on the trail...me too!

katherine becksvoort kbecksvoort at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 10:42:37 CST 2010

Hey all,
Just got Yogi's CDT guidebook in the mail...been reading like crazy. Still
not 100% sure this is going to be the year...but am about 75% sure. Planning
on going northbound. Maybe solo...or with another woman for safety, although
I've always thru'd solo. (I am a woman.) Just joined the listserve this past
week....glad to see the topic of tough women being discussed. It seems to me
that most of my friends that have begun the CDT over the years hike in
groups. What do y'all think is the actual percentage of solo hikers....and
also...what is the approximate numbers of folks starting each year, going
north and south? I know it's tough to determine...but I thought i should ask
you pros....

AT 04
PCT 08
(this is the only time I will post what years I've hiked, as I think that's
a silly badge to wear, but this is my first posting so I thought some of you
may know me on the listserve.)
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