[Cdt-l] Anaconda/Butte

Sage Clegg sageclegg at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 3 16:15:44 CDT 2010

Hi everyone! Is anyone south of Butte/Anaconda still? I am driving by & wanted to see if I could catch any of you wonderful hikers. I finished up at the Cheif Mountain terminus on the morning of the 31st. The mountains of Glacier were all frosted in fresh snow but all the trails are passable. I hope you all get better veiws than Iceaxe & I had on our permited day for the highline (full whiteout, waaaa). I talked to a friend who has done quite a bit of mountaineering in the park & he said there is a pretty cool off-trail alternate to swiftwater pass. You go up to iceberg lk. From many glacier & over iceberg notch then down to the trail just north of Ahern Gap. Sounded cool. The views from Stoney Indian pass were amazing & the Belly river was the perfect last night on the trail, though I did miss not having a register to read & sign at my terminus. 
    I want to send a HUGE thankyou to everyone who helped me along on this hike. What an amazing journey through spectacular wild country. I will never forget the kindness people poured out into my life- thank you for restoring my faith in humanity!
   To everyone still hiking, I hope your adventures are unfolding well & I am sending you happy trail vibes from a minivan speeding accross Montana. I am covering what took me 15 days to hike in less than 4 hours. Wow. take your time finishing up- the front country is really not all that cool.
Happy trails my hiking friends!
Much love,
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