[Cdt-l] To gaiter or not to gaiter?

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Cats Pa taught me about 'poor man's' gaiters - Just cut  off a pair of old sweat 
pants legs about 6 to 8 inches from the bottom and wear them upside down with 
the elastic side high  around your pants legs and the remaining portion of the 
sweats pants draped down over your shoes. This pretty much keeps the dirt, 
stones and ticks off of your legs and feet.  Mini Mart

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I know I'm a little late on this thread, but I've been on the road and just got 

About 15 years ago, I was GIVEN a pair of Powderline gaiters -- Gore-Tex, etc -- 
they're really nice.  I still have them here.

Unfortunately, my situation changed, and I am no longer able to drop everything 
and go hiking/backpacking as I used too.  (Basically, I got tired of making the 
decision of whether to eat or keep the house, so I got a job with some long 

Anyway, back to the gaiters -- I think I've used them less than a dozen times 
since they were given to me.  As nice as they are, though, I would say that, 
when you need them, there is no substitute.

One caveat, if you're about to buy gaiters -- take your boots with you to a 
store and make sure the gaiters you're looking at will fit over your boots!  My 
Powderline gaiters don't quite fit over my ReichleMontagnas, but I am able to 
"rig" them on there.  It would be better to do a test-fit before you buy.

Enjoy the Trail, sure wish *I* could!

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I'm down to gathering the last couple of pieces of my gear and I have been 
wondering about wearing gaiters through Colorado. Some of the past posts here 
suggested gaiters would be an excellent addition while traversing over snow. 
There are waterproof and non-waterproof. I would think if your investing in 
gaiters for snow travel you'd want the waterproof, which of course are a bit 
pricier, but not by too much. What are some opinions? What brands have people 
liked best? With the larger than normal snowpack, I think they are a good 
investment and will help with the comfort.
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