[Cdt-l] Town list for isobutane canisters

David Egley djegley at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 10:13:25 CDT 2011

Hello All,

Below is a list of trail towns where we found isobutane canisters along the
CDT during our 2010 southbound hike.  Surely we don't need to do the
disclaimer thing about relying on reports of last year's availability or
inventory, right?  =)

To clarify, these are the canisters that could be used for a Jetboil stove
or Pocket Rocket, etc.   The brands vary and the super-compact canisters
sized to next inside Jetboil personal cups are a rare find in towns along
the CDT.

If it's not on here, we either didn't go to that town or didn't look hard
enough.  Do any other canister users out there have CDT towns to add?

Hope this helps,

--  David and Becky Egley

General note:  WalMart stores did not carry the Coleman isobutane canisters
during the summer of 2010.
They said it was a manufacturer's shortage -- canisters were stocked at
stores again in the fall.

East Glacier, MT -- Glacier Park Trading Co. had a whole box of MSR
(406) 226-9227  /  316 Us Highway 2

Lincoln, MT -- 1 MSR 4oz canister at a budding military surplus (and CDT
gear outfitter?) between the post office and state liquor store...owner will
try to stock more (if the business is still there in 2011?)   Sorry, no
contact info...

  [didn't go to Butte or Helena, but they're both large towns with
department stores and gear outfitters]

Darby, MT -- at the large Cenex / Laundromat / Outfitter strip mall known as
Mr T's Mercantile.  Lots of Brunton 4 and 8 oz. canisters, but you might
want to call -- the whole strip mall was advertised for sale in 2010.
(406) 821-3840  /  111 South Main Street

  [No isobutane canister fuel found in Leadore, ID]

  [No isobutane canister fuel found in Limon, MT]

  [No isobutane canister fuel found in Mac's Inn, ID]

Yellowstone NP, WY -- General stores at Old Faithful and Grants Village --
lots of MSR 4 and 8 oz. canisters

  [Assuming Pinedale and Lander have canisters at the outfitters?  We didn't
go into these towns.]

  [No isobutane canister fuel found in South Pass City, WY]

  [No isobutane canister fuel found at Bi-Rite Sporting Goods in Rawlins,

Riverside, WY -- Hardware store across from Bear Trap Cafe had several
Coleman brand canisters

Steamboat Springs, CO -- Ski Haus
(970) 879-0385  /  1457 Pine Grove Rd.

Frisco -- Wilderness Sports  (Unconfirmed, but same company as in Dillon,
(970) 668-8804  /  400 Main Street

Dillon -- Wilderness Sports  (MSR and Jetboil -- confirmed by phone 4/20/11)
(970) 468-5687  /  701 E. Anemone Trail

Leadville, CO --  Sawatch Backcountry
(719) 486-2271  /  460 Harrison Ave

Salida, CO --  Salida Mountain Sports
(719) 539 4400  /  110 North F Street, Downtown

Pagosa Springs, CO -- Ski and Bow Rack Outfitter had lots of MSR canisters
(970) 264-2370  /  354 East Pagosa St. (Hwy 160)

  [No isobutane canister fuel found in Chama, NM]

[Wal-Mart in Grants, NM may have Coleman isobutane canisters now...?]

Pie Town, NM -- Top of the World Store actually had 3 Coleman brand
*(575) 772-2777  /  3 miles west of Pie Town on Hwy 60*

[Wal-Mart in Deming, NM may have Coleman isobutane canisters now...?]
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