[Cdt-l] Columbus route Q

Doug Carlson doug-sue71 at comcast.net
Sat Aug 20 18:26:32 CDT 2011

Using the CDTS route- 


Does the CDTS do any marking along their route?


How far by road and trail from the border up to Demming?  


The thought is crossing my mind I could start at Demming and head north from


the thought also crossed my mind I could start at Cumbres Pass and head
south.   I have done the South San Juan Wilderness up to San Louis Pk.  wow-
that is such a great piece of trail.  it seems to natural to walk north-
thought I have hiked south from the Canadian border to Lincoln, MT.  So,
yes, I guess I can hike south.  I am just afraid IF I did start at Cumbres I
couldn't resist the draw to head north from there .  


Oh well, it has been a long two years for me.  I have a new body part inside
now and think after Sept 22 when the part starts working I will be healed
and on the trail again.  I can hardly wait. 


I registered on the CDTS website today.    So positive!!







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