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another doc campbell story - I was in search and rescue for several years - one summer we had 1 male and 1 female (teens) go missing while tubing the gila river - as is usually the case we don't get called out until midnight or later - we set up base camp consisting of 3 people and a state cop on doc's (I believe that guy there is not really "doc" campbell) front porch - he has a motion sensor hooked up that sounds an alarm to his house about 1/4 mile away - everytime we walked on the porch it went off - about 0300 doc comes tearing into his parking lot in a car screaming at us to get out of there and "take your guns too" - the only person armed was the state police officer - the cop said, "uh, excuse me!!!???" - they chatted some and we decided to move base camp to gila natl park headquarters about 3 miles further east - it was nice inside a room with electricity and light rather than head lamps - the kids were found at about 0400 nice and comfy - cold and hungry - being smart campers they had put one air mattress on the ground with the deflated one over the top of them and cuddled using their "body heat" to stay somewhat warm -  the SAR people built a fire and gave them some MRE's - the gila natl park head ranger at daylight took 2 horses down river to give them a ride out - it was a long night as usual 
when I heard that "doc" was accepting and holding packages for hikers I was surprised - he's not known for his "niceness" out here - I believe you can carry out your trash and deposit it in a can at the gila cliff dwellings of which I'm sure you all go to see or if you're sobo maybe you can take it to the trail angels in the mimbres or start mailing your boxes to them

el coyote
Keith and Mary
Trail Angels
Deming, NM

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Okay, I have to tell a hilarious story about Doc Campbell's Post that happened in 2010.
I sent a box there. After getting the "speech" about charging $2 and the hauling of trash etc.
For a moment i thought about paying him 40 bucks and saying "here is for me and the next 19 thru hikers.."
Luckily I suspended my smart as$ thoughts..thinking (rightly!) it probably would not have gone over too well.
I payed the $2 fee and happily went outside to eat the wonderful home made icecream he sells.
"Doc" did not seem to be in the greatest of moods until i went back inside and bought 40 bucks worth 
of resupply food from his store.
Then three other thrus (Chief Chihuahua, Jack Beanstalk, and Sarong) arrived and bought equal amounts of food from the store as well as 
mulitple containers of the glorious home made icecream.
This made "Doc" VERY happy.
He was so happy that the postal lady delivering the mail came outside and told me she had never seen him in such a good mood!
Well, the good times were short lived..
A couple that had been camped down at the hot springs came up the driveway with a big dog in tow..
Their big dog went right after "Doc's" pet duck in the pond in front of the store.
Doc was not too happy after that!
It was closing time so old Doc locked up his duck, hopped on his ATV, and rode off in a cloud of dust.
Then we all went down to soak at the clothing optional hot springs.. Though thankfully we all chose to keep our shorts on!
The hot springs are run by "Doc's" sister. 
They attract quite an interesting array of.. individuals.
 I am not making this up!
Actually there is more to this tale but.. anyways..
Well the long and short of it is.. all four of us hikers decided we probably could have resupplied from Doc's store.
He had in fact stocked a huge selection of freeze dried "hiker" foods we did not have the heart to tell him we do not eat.
He did have real cheese, tortillas, fritos, candybars, peanutbutter, crackers, quick oats, tater buds, and basically enough eclectic stuff
to make a full resupply, albeit at relatively high prices, but in keeping with a remotely located store such as it is.
At any rate we could have saved the postage and hassle and that would have more than offset the prices.
If you ain't picky you can resupply at Doc's.

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