[Cdt-l] PO Closures

Rick Ostheimer rick.ostheimer at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 12 09:08:25 CST 2011

An alternative for Wisdom, other than Darby, is Sula Country Store and 
Resort.  They had a nice campground with laundry and shower and they 
accept packages.  The restaurant inside the store serves breakfast and 
lunch.  I struck up a conversation with folks staying at RV's in the CG 
and wound up yogi-ing a ride back to Chief Joseph with one of them.  
Call ahead before sending a package as the place was for sale in 2011.

What  IceAxe said for the hitch from Chief Joseph Pass and about the 
nice folks in MT and ID.  It's only about a half mile walk down to the W 
on MT43 from Chief Joseph pass to the intersection of US93.  I recommend 
walking into the rest area across the highway and yogi-ing a ride to the 
N to either Sula or Darby.  There is very little traffic on MT43, it's 
moving at 60+ mph, and could be going either N or S at the intersection 
with US93.  Most seemed to be going S.  At around noon, there were a lot 
of vehicles in the rest area and it was easy to yogi a ride there.


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