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Another alternative is to hitch into Salmon.  It's a full service town, so if you want a motel, meals and grocery it's a good option.  I think the hitch isn't any more difficult to go to Salmon than to go to Wisdom. Ginny

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> An alternative for Wisdom, other than Darby, is Sula Country Store and 
> Resort.  They had a nice campground with laundry and shower and they 
> accept packages.  The restaurant inside the store serves breakfast and 
> lunch.  I struck up a conversation with folks staying at RV's in the CG 
> and wound up yogi-ing a ride back to Chief Joseph with one of them.  
> Call ahead before sending a package as the place was for sale in 2011.
> What  IceAxe said for the hitch from Chief Joseph Pass and about the 
> nice folks in MT and ID.  It's only about a half mile walk down to the W 
> on MT43 from Chief Joseph pass to the intersection of US93.  I recommend 
> walking into the rest area across the highway and yogi-ing a ride to the 
> N to either Sula or Darby.  There is very little traffic on MT43, it's 
> moving at 60+ mph, and could be going either N or S at the intersection 
> with US93.  Most seemed to be going S.  At around noon, there were a lot 
> of vehicles in the rest area and it was easy to yogi a ride there.
> Handlebar
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