[Cdt-l] Steripen versus Mu V

david booth david.booth at internode.on.net
Sun Feb 6 15:36:31 CST 2011

Last year I carried the Meridian Designs MuV water treatment device.  
I have normally used Aquamira but for New Mexico I was facing some  
very suspect water sources (sharing with cows).
I wanted to try the MuV in the field. So I still took some Aquamira  
just in case, but after using the MuV for two weeks I abandoned the  
The MuV is rechargeable. You carry a single C size battery (easily  
available) to recharge it. It will disinfect up to 1 litre in 75  
seconds. It gets around 10 to 15 treatments per battery charge.
It recharges overnight while I sleep. The advantage (as with  
Steripen) is that you can gather water and drink after 75 seconds of  
treatment. You dont need to wait half an hour like you so with Aquamira.
So on a hot day in New Mexico I could drink cold water from the  
windmills. You only need to treat water as you drink it. The MuV is  
that it costs about half the price of a Steripen and the MuV weighs  
70 grams plus a charging battery C size 71 grams . It can recharge  
with any type of battery even AA's but you get less recharges. My  
Aquamira is 100 grams.
I would advise carrying a small amount of Aquamira (or other  
disinfectant) as a backup in case of total electronic failure.
Aussie Dave

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