[Cdt-l] No Trespassing signs on the Columbus Route?

R Smith ronyon at comcast.net
Fri Feb 11 18:16:52 CST 2011

I was part of  a group of three that took the Columbus route last year. No
angry ranchers or angry dogs, but passing all of those no trespassing signs
in Macho Canyon was a little spooky. We stayed on the road except for
getting water and had no problems.  We met the owner of the Tierra Blanca
Ranch, who is a nice guy and runs an outdoor program for disadvantaged kids.
His website is at  <http://www.tierrablancaranch.com/>
http://www.tierrablancaranch.com/.  The hardest part of the Columbus route,
navigation-wise, is just beyond this ranch, marked by a well and gate, where
almost everyone heads into the wrong canyon, which is what you do if you
take the most obvious route.  Just check your bearings frequently and you
will be ok. -Ron

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