[Cdt-l] tresspassing, gates, Christopher Columbus etc

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Sat Feb 12 11:15:12 CST 2011

Thanks Keith, I have Colorado on my mind i guess. I kept calling if Collins every time i wrote about it too.
It's Fort Cummings. Thats actually a really cool place. It's one of the oldest things man made things besides,
Indian mortar holes, I have ever seen in person since i live in the peoples republic of California. Ain't many buildings here older than that.
Anyhow the first water i came to after leaving the last Windmill (note #2 on Col6) in the Cookes range was in Hadley Draw on COL6. There is 
a cattle trough down in the draw with piped water. It's to the south west of the dirt road where it crosses the draw.
I miss New Mexico. Thats a pretty awesome state you have there and it might be blasphemy but.. It was my favorite.

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