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I got delisted about a month ago, apparently because all of the emails being
sent to me by the forum were getting bounced back by my email provider,
Comcast. Knowing how this technology can have glitches, I just logged onto
my cdt-l email account and re-activated myself. Since then I haven't had a
problem.  If someone is snubbing the ranchers on purpose, they are perhaps
targeting the hikers who have to cross their ranches later on. Otherwise,
ranchers would be the last ones anyone would want to delist.




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these are all the addresses I have to request cdt L

el coyote

Keith and Mary

Trail Angels

Deming, NM


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Evidently not only was I delisted, I am blocked from requesting to be added
to the list.  Maybe it is a closed group.
I would appreciate your help.  I enjoy receiving the cdt emails and learning
about hiking on the cdt.  I would be offended if I am purposely being
snubbed or closed out because I am a "rancher".  
I have interests in being involved with the CDT, have volunteered my time on
the trail, and as Hidalgo County Commissioner would like to be a friend of
the CDT.  I hope it can stay that way.
thank you,

Ed "Bim" Kerr
Kerr Ranch Tours
edkerr52 at hotmail.com
www.kerrranchtours.com <http://www.kerrranchtours.com/> 


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Please add me to your list.
thank you,

Ed "Bim" Kerr
Kerr Ranch Tours
edkerr52 at hotmail.com
www.kerrranchtours.com <http://www.kerrranchtours.com/> 


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