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Peanut Eater pnuteater at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 08:52:30 CST 2011

I notice Ed that you have a hotmail account. There was recently a problem
with the pct-l when it got blacklisted as a spam producer. The issue
affected first some Comcast accounts and then Microsoft blocked it on all
msn and hotmail accounts. I wonder whether the same problem might now be
affecting the cdt-l. You can switch your cdt-l profile to another email
account such as gmail in the short term. In the long term it is up to the
cdt-l domain administrator to resolve it. I believe the pct-l administrator
just moved the server to another IP address. I don't think you are being
singled out in any way.


Peanut Eater


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these are all the addresses I have to request cdt L

el coyote

Keith and Mary

Trail Angels

Deming, NM


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Evidently not only was I delisted, I am blocked from requesting to be added
to the list.  Maybe it is a closed group.
I would appreciate your help.  I enjoy receiving the cdt emails and learning
about hiking on the cdt.  I would be offended if I am purposely being
snubbed or closed out because I am a "rancher".  
I have interests in being involved with the CDT, have volunteered my time on
the trail, and as Hidalgo County Commissioner would like to be a friend of
the CDT.  I hope it can stay that way.
thank you,

Ed "Bim" Kerr
Kerr Ranch Tours
edkerr52 at hotmail.com
www.kerrranchtours.com <http://www.kerrranchtours.com/> 


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Please add me to your list.
thank you,

Ed "Bim" Kerr
Kerr Ranch Tours
edkerr52 at hotmail.com
www.kerrranchtours.com <http://www.kerrranchtours.com/> 


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