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trail creds. always appropriate.  
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Hi El Coyote!
You asked about water on ole Wagontongue mountain.
This is found on Jonathan Ley map NM29 (2010 CDT CDROM)
As of spring 2010 Damian Spring listed as point #3 on NM29 was a trickle.
Actually i found it by accident because i lost the trail through the burn area coming down off Wagontongue.
I knew it had to be Damian spring because there were suddenly all these hiker footprints and then a piece of PVC pipe.
Anyhow it wasn't much of a spring in 2010. I would advise other hikers to tank up and expect Damian to be dry.
-Iceaxe PCT09 CDT10 AT11.. (Yes i will eventually stop putting my trail creds.. just not yet!)


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