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Sun Jul 10 20:47:31 CDT 2011

>From our southbound hike in 2010,  here's what we found in the Wagontounge
area on October 26th-27th:

*Damian Spring:
*Just a tiny trickle.  We were able to fill our water containers (about 8-10
liters) but it took over an hour.  I'm sure it could be unreliable in a dry
year such as this one.  With some maintenance to allow it to store more
water, this could be a good source in the future.  It's a bit of a scramble
to access.  Watch for a bee hive in the rocks of the lower part of the
canyon leading up to Damian Spring.

*Govina Canyon:*
Nasty cow ponds in the upper part of the canyon, but good water a couple
inches deep in a 20-30 ft long pool at the lower (west) end of the Govina
Canyon route shown on Ley NM 29. This was clear, cold, spring-fed water: all
that was needed was to push aside some pine needles / leaves floating near
the surface.   It's in the center-north point of Section 36, about 1/4 to
1/2 mile east of the "road barricades" where the route turns from
North-South to East-West.  We didn't check the cabin water tank further
south, noted on the Ley map.

*Wagontounge burn area (north slope):*
Less than a dozen trees down when we came through, but our experience with
burn areas and trail maintenance is that can change drastically in one windy
day. The crews are working hard, but it can be clear one weekend and
"pick-up sticks" the next.   Be prepared for slower progress on the north
slope of Wagontounge, and be very careful if it's windy.

Hope this helps,
-- David and Becky Egley
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