[Cdt-l] Trail Angels at Mimbres

Jim Wolf mail at cdtsociety.org
Thu Jul 14 22:13:45 CDT 2011

Hikers in New Mexico have been blessed with the exceptional kindness of 
several trail angels along the way. We were delighted, therefore, to 
learn that a couple in the Mimbres valley, Lynnae and Will McConaha, met 
some NOBOers in the spring, gave them a place to sleep, shower, and use 
the internet, and helped them to resupply. They enjoyed the experience, 
as their guests assuredly must have as well.

Their home is on NM 35 two miles north of the Mimbres Ranger Station. A 
sign for Lynnae’s weaving studio will help to identify it. (Instead of 
fording the Mimbres River – Mimbres River Segment Section 2:0.1 – SOBO 
hikers should follow the main road past the junction of FR 152 and go 
another mile to the McConahas’ home; then, continuing south on their 
trek, it would be shorter to head up McKnight Canyon on FR 152 instead 
of using the guidebook cross-country route.) The address is 3918 Hwy 35 
N, and packages/supplies can be sent to HC 68 Box 64C, Mimbres NM 88049. 
Although perhaps not absolutely necessary, we would let them know in 
advance of hiking plans by email (Lmcconaha at aol.com) or phone at 
575/536-9845. If you can lend a hand or help to defray expenses, we 
encourage you to do so.

For more information about Lynnae and her fiber arts products, check out 
http://ChamomileConnection.com and her blog, particularly 

While the McConaha home is especially convenient for travelers on the 
Columbus (guidebook) route, hikers on the officially designated CDT 
route may wish to consider a detour along NM 35 in order to pay a visit.

CDTS/Jim Wolf

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