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Moynihan mary.moynihan at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 15:45:15 CDT 2011

Now I can officially say, Woot! Woot! Good riddins snow, bring it on Great
Basin. Leaving Steamboat was a bit difficult for me as I honestly didn't
like hearing the news from Handlebar that there would be much snow to be
encountered....But the trail came through for me, as it always does and
after I finished the last of my errands at 3:52pm I decided to go for HH at
the brewery. ($2 pints and $1 tapas!) Well, while sitting there, just after
4pm the thrunderstorms kicked in with torrential downpour and lightning and
I was glad to be at the bar. I met an inspiring guy from the Denver Post and
then was welcomed back to an older women's condo. The next day, despite
attempting to hitch the incorrect way (back into town) due to being turned
around amongst all the condo complexes, I headed back to the trail ready to
take on the last leg of Colorado and all it's snow. So, here is the report:
At Rabbit Ears Pass (the big green sign saying Continental Divide) I heading
down the highway a brief moment to Muddy Creek trail (I think that was what
it was called, you can't miss it, it is the first right hand turn road and
dead ends right there at a toilet) I took that trail to where the trailhead
for the CDT is. About 2 miles from Rabbit Ears I hit snow, and it didn't
stop. It was continuous non-stop snow, until Lost Ranger Peak where I had a
break for a short while. It then picks up and goes all the way down to 9500
feet. I took the Three Island Lake alt. and just after the lake, at about
9500 the snow dissappeared, until the next day...(I forded the stream right
at the inlet to the lake, easy breezy, thigh deep though. my advice: ford
way way way upstream).
After the WY/CO border ....(which I bushwacked over as just before the
border I took the "trail" to the left. Well, that takes you to a road that
parallels the route and there went my dream of a cooler with beverages and
trail registers. I highly doubt there was such a thing, but if so, drink a
soda for me!).... I took FS rd (note #2) on WY44 and was glad as I saw
patches lingering above.
Heavy snow several miles around Huston Park. It was easy navigation though
with all the posts/cairns. Sometimes only a couple inches of a post was
sticking out, but anyone a bit farther back won't have that much seeing
them. I used my GPS only 2-3 times, otherwise, it is a really fun stretch.
Snow to and up and over Bridger Peak. Again, full snow. I followed the FS rd
up and after I relyed on my GPS for a few miles. Once you leave the FS rd
and start hiking the trail, no more snow!! Yeah!!!
OK, that's all for now. I hiked the whole Muddy Creek route and was very
pleased. It was beautiful, lots of deer and sure it dosen't get you into
Rawlins as quick as your tummies may like, but Rawlins isn't exactly
Have fun, hope to see some hikers somewhere down the road. It sure is quite
around here :)

*To find out more about Mary and her hike along the 3,000 mile long
Continental Divide Trail please go to*: www.marriedtothetrail.com
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