[Cdt-l] S Pass City to Bison Basin Rd - Sbound

Bob Brewer peektrekker4 at aol.com
Tue Jul 26 15:12:27 CDT 2011

JLey WY 23 - 19 Jul 11
Took JLey purple rd rte on S side of Willow Ck out of S P City; take rd uphill straight S fm front of S P City Mercantile; wanted easier, basically level start, as hadn't hiked in almost a month since ending NM @ Cumbres Pass. Will follow purple to Oregon Tr rd, then red/Co-22 to Sweetwater R.
JLey 23 - 20 Jul 11
4 channel xing of Willow Ck on Oregon/Emmigrant Tr has shin-deep mud, both in ck bottom & along edges in places. Be even tougher in a wagon.
@ top, NW corner of Sect 16, went thru unposted gate, but didn't find angular red rte 2-track; went back thru gate to stay on County-22 to S River bridge.
JLey 24 - 20 Jul 11
Aft bridge, 1st L went back to river; 2nd L, which turned out to be red rte, didn't look right; 3rd L at top of hill was 2-trk to L, which I took; not on topos. It runs along top if ridge bet River & Long Slough; it meets red rte @ Long S; red rte fm above is part 2-trk, part tr, & part x-country. Nbnd, just aft Long Slough there's actually a CDT marker. Again, poor marking; there should be marker @ Co-22.
Long Slough is dry, as per Wolf; aft Long Slough CDT is marked; Harris Slough has good h2o; spent 25 min trying to find Upr Mormon Spg, couldn't w/GPS or book description, dry or nowhere near topo map location, hope h2o in Weasel Spg or I'm out;
JLey 25 - 20 Jul 11
JLey 25 - 21 Jul 11
Weasel Spg good h2o; stile thru protective fence on tr; h2o in vert culvert just downhill.
JLey 26 - 21 Jul 11
Didn't check Coyote Gulch Spg; the Wolf 16.6 "grassy draw" had 2 decent sized pools, but didn't check; Note 3/Wolf 20.3 spg lots h2o; didn't check Note 2; Alkali Ck very dry;

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