[Cdt-l] Bison Basin Rd to Rawlins - Sbound

Bob Brewer peektrekker4 at aol.com
Tue Jul 26 23:30:16 CDT 2011

Accidentally deleted everything fm Bison Basin Rd to Crooks Gap Rd: only good h2o was State Section Reservoir, cow tank w/clear h2o & Brenton Spg; all cks are polluted trickles or dry. There is, however...
A NEW PROTECTED SPRING SOURCE, in the SW corner of the road semi-circle just before Crooks Gap Rd; the spg is on the topo, w/no name; the h2o is in a vertical culvert w/a lid, just like I think it was Weasel Spg. Abt a month ago, a BLM guy told me abt this one & 2 others, but I only got approx map locations.
Realized walkin along, that W Arapaho Ck has BLM fenced area bet road/tr & dirt tank dnhill; I must have missed a spg culvert in the brush there. That's 2 of the newly protected spgs; looking @ atlas map where I marked what he said, 3rd was Haypress Ck bef Crooks Gap Rd - don't remember seein anything there.
23 Jul 2011 - JLey 28
Good h2o Wolf 2.3 fm valve in vert culvert & pipe below.
JLey 28a - 23 Jul 2011
A & M Reservoir has deep, looked like clear h2o fm top of dam & 2 fishermen, a good sign.
JLey 28b - 23 Jul 2011
N Note 1, couldn't tell if working; could see no solar panels & was no note on tr. Didn't check.

CDTA & BLM, why can't a sm sign be put on tr when this solar pump there & producing h2o? Both please answer this ? for all, & to this address.
Also both please tell us if anyone has talked to Note 3 rancher abt making h2o avail for hikers.
Didn't check Note 5.
JLey 28c - 24 Jul 2011
Good h2o @ Bull Spg in vert culvert, w/solar well in fenced area - not the same as Bull Spgs themselves; Nbound tr markers lead right to enclosure, but are poor last .5 mi due to side rds; Sbound tr markers are non-existant to direct one directly to enclosure - didn't see Wolf's 500' tr, however one can see the enclosure; also there is no pond around culvert, preventing access. 
JLey 28d - 24 Ju 2011
@ zing of Mineral X Rd, found a tr mkr on SW side -- & no others! No pipeline mkrs, no CDT carsonite mkrs, nothing that slowly diverged fm M X Rd; kept lookin as walked cow path along rd, even walkin out twice to look @ posts I spotted - just solitary, common, metal fence posts; tiring of lumpy, dried mud on cow path, got up on MX Rd & walked it to US-287.
View of N trhead on US-287 currently blocked by piles of hwy aggregate; got past & had to come back.
JLey 34 - 25 Jul 2011
Fish Pond Spg/Well has great h2o, hiker register, & info sign.
Temps over 6 dys for 117 mi went fm 79 to 92 as I walked into Rawlins; nights, @ ground level, in the 40's, rising rapidly when sun came up.


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