[Cdt-l] RAWLINS - town report

Bob Brewer peektrekker4 at aol.com
Wed Jul 27 15:03:36 CDT 2011

As ya know, it's 3.5 mi fm E to W ends, not good if you're on foot. A wk ago when I bussed in, tried to stay @ La Bella - full w/contract workers. Nxt door @ Motel 7 was $50, but only 2 restaurants on W end. When I walked in fm Gt Divide Basin went right to 1st Choice Inn, for $55 for hikers, as best I could tell a $5 discount, and as Yogi also sez, there's at least 5 restaurants on E end.
Highlights were Mary, the CATBUS driver; sched is very flexible & will p/u or d/o abt anywhere in town - just call her & ask, but don't expect to printed sched to mean much, timewise. 
And... Huckleberries coffee shop, which has a limited breakfast & more extensive lunch menu. Owner & customers are friendly; I hung out there for a few hrs. Everything else is just avg, food wise & that I tried.

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