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Thu Jul 28 17:23:55 CDT 2011

Here's my 2 cents on it. The long distances to resupply on Cdt are a difficulty. That's why some would cut thru cottonwood lake and down blackfoot drainage to elliston for example. As I do this trail more and more I will weed out the bad stops and go for the easy "in and outers" even if it means a longer carry. As a trail person I would always rather just pay someone 20 bucks to get me back to the trail safely. Personally it is my opinion that most of the little towns have people that will always be around that either want the 20 or just likes hikers and will give them a ride. We need as hikers to cultivate these connections for future hikers. Now I know there will always be people who won't or can't pay a dime for a ride ..... And they manage. I ask wherever I go if what I am doing is legal or not and I was told by non official people that hitching was legal in Montana and Idaho .... They were wrong. I was presentable, had a sign and stood in a safe place where people could pull over. It didn't matter. Frankly, I don't mind it's not legal. They must have their reasons. I say let's use our hiker ingenuity and charm and start lining up rides. For instance, Viola and Kelly at tendoy will find someone to get ya up the hill. We just need more of that. I imagine a Cdt where I get picked up at the pass go to town and am back on the trail same day... Hiking later that day. A dream of mine... No overnight in town.
As far as the trail goes clear days and nights, no condensation, little bugs, great spring water, evening walks after dinner on top of the divide, laying down on the trail to bed down and even a marker or 2 to show the way, not sure a human being could ask for much more.... Except maybe a way to get to town and back
I want to say Ty to those on Cdt- l for their support for a solo crazy dude like me its a very nice thing.
Ty all
Life is a hike
The otter
Btw had 2 walk 12 of the 15 down from bannock before someone pulled over and stated bluntly, "have you had a shower in the last 3 days?" me, been 3 I think" him, " you ride in the back then" I wasn't hitching FYI because it's illegal in Idaho .........
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