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Moynihan mary.moynihan at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 16:04:27 CDT 2011

Made it to Cumbres Pass today. I want to first say thankyou to all the
wonderful people who have put in the effort in constructing some beautiful
and well maintained trail sections through northern New Mexico. There are a
couple of places I wandered off the trail, but for the most part it has been
wonderful! It also is a great change walking on trail and not road! Anyways,
enjoying the remainder of the day off, tomorrow too, when five of us will
attempt the Divide to Wolf Pass and then if all goes as planned on to the
San Juans! There's five of us going in together, all with what appears to be
a great mental attitude and good snow skills/navigation and a couple of
GPS's. It'll be myself, Tomato, SmileTrain, Straightjacket and their friend
Dave who has joined for the snowy excursion and hiked with SmileTrain and
Straightjacket through the Sierras last year. I'm hoping the years I spent
living in Mount Shasta and charging through the backcountry will pay off!

Anyways, just checking in. It's always a great feeling when you accomplish
an entire lenght of a state, especially some 600-650 miles of such diverse


*To find out more about Mary and her hike along the 3,000 mile long
Continental Divide Trail please go to*: www.marriedtothetrail.com
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