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I agree about the confusion at Mud Springs.  We got confused there and
that's why we put the caution mark on the map. That's a good spot to get out
the gps for a few hundred feet. There is a waypoint 1/2 mile ahead at a gate
and heading towards it gets you on the right path. 

It does appear that you could take a good shortcut from mile 6.0 to hit the
road at mile 11.7 by going down Deadman Canyon but our mapping is funded to
only reflect the official route and really that's all time allows us to do.
I will cc this to CDTL so others might know that they have that alternative
when they get there.        

You figured right at the road to Tyronne.  The trail is built several miles
past there but it dead ends several miles in.  That is why the Mapbook has
it on the road from there to Silver City.  The new route won't be finished
for a couple of years as I understand it. It would help if there was some
explanation of all this on a sign when you hit the road. I will forward this
to someone in NM who might be able to do that.  BTW, there are a few more of
those caution marks along the way.  (Big red exclamation mark!)  The GPS
will help in those situations.  

Are you carrying a standalone gps or is it in your phone?  I know some are
just carrying gps enabled phones this year.    

I envy you being on the trail so early.  I was a bit sad when we finished NM
- it's really an interesting mix. 

FYI, the snowpack in the San Juans is not so bad this year.  I live on the
Animas in Durango and it went from 750 cfs last Friday to 1800 cfs on Monday
so things are beginning to break up.  

best wishes,

Jerry Brown
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We got really messed up by the trail markings at Mud Spring. I checked the
gps waypoints and your route takes what is going to be the new route to
Silver City until it reaches Tyrone Rd. My question is why go that long way
round when it adds another 3-4 miles of road walking?

I was saving battery power on the gps and when we reached the road and saw
the markings continue on the other side  we went straight across at the road
but when we realized what had gone wrong were in the dilemma of trying to
get back to your route or keep going hoping that the new route was finished.
Since the latter was a risk and we had no water information we went back to
the road walk. But it does seem like there is lot of man-made confusion in
this area with all of the new trail markings on a trail that might just dead
end. Can you shed light on what is really going on here?

Thanks for any help

Peter Shaw, aka Peanut Eater
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Hi, Dave!  +1 on the Aldo Leopold. I really liked it.  No need to hitch at
this time.  Trail is open all the way from Silver City right now.

best wishes,

Jerry Brown
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I hiked the Black Mountain CDT through the Aldo Leopold wilderness  
last year. If the Gila fire diverts you hitch to Emory Pass and take  
10 days food, hike north. The trail is good.
Not much desert, water is available along the way. Better than  
flipping IMHO. And its also the "official" CDT.
If you need more details email me.
Aussie Dave
Canberra Australia
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