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Something to consider - The access to Twin Lakes  via Ute Creek is about 11
miles and there is a tricky early season river crossing on the Rio Grande.
It is only 17.2 miles if you stay on the CDT to Stony Pass which is very
close to Silverton. That is about a 6 mile difference and if you are section
hiking you wouldn't have to return to Twin Lakes again sometime to continue.


If you are going before July you should take an ice axe and microspikes for
steep side slopes. (Like Knife Edge.)  


This should be a good year for NOBO's to complete the South San Juan and the
Weminuche.  Cumbres Pass and Wolf Creek both had below normal snowfall.  A
little over normal for the Silverton area.  200% of normal around Steamboat
but that should be gone before anybody gets there.  


best wishes,


Jerry Brown

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Already sent to Laurie, but failed to copy CDT_List:




Source: James Wolf Guides, Vol 5, Southern CO, 1997 (unchanged by 2009 Vol 4


Twin Lakes to Wolf Creek Pass is 66.5 miles


10.9 Twin Lakes to Weminuche Pass (San Juan section 4)

12.2 Weminuche Pass to Squaw Pass (San Juan section 5)

21.5 Squaw Pass to Piedra Pass (San Juan section 6)

21.9 Piedra Pass to Wolf Creek Pass (San Juan section 7)



Surely you don't mean the town of Twin Lakes, CO

The town of Twin Lakes, CO (on the CDT/CT) is 303 miles from Wolf Creek


Embrace the brutality!


Wandering Bob 



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I seem to have lost part of my Colorado CDT mileage book. I am looking for
the mileage from Twin Lakes to Wolf Creek Pass; I think its about 85 miles
by my Trail Illustrated map-could someone confim this?



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