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Fri Nov 18 01:21:25 CST 2011

I want you to know I am having major CDT flashbacks lately. 
What is it about long distance hiking that can "loosen" every bolt in the bulkhead of sanity, in a human mind?
I had all these plans of hiking the triple crown and perhaps trying a new trail but the CDT keeps coming back to me in 3D and full color in my dreams.
I think New Mexico in particular has some "big medicine" and some particular place in thses dreams.
No wonder folks are so UFO crazy there.. I swear there is something unusual about NM.
That dang ole Gila river is down there flowing all by itslef this time of year i suppose.
I was such a happy, ignorant person before i discovered the freedom of walking.. across the country and all that!
This is way too early for this.
Actually maybe it's right on time.. 
i don't know, but i think my current employer is gonna be a man short this spring.. once again.
Is it wrong to follow your bliss, if it means being a homeless, wandering, ascetic monk?
The PCT would be such a "Cadillac" experience to have again but the thought of that crazy "choose your own destiny" type of hiking of the CDT with it's plethora of options is ridiculously enticing.
Then again I have this idea of walking from the gulf of California (Baja), along the Colorado river up to the divide and then pack raft down the Mississippi to the gulf of Mexico.
Is it winter yet?
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