[Cdt-l] CDT Digitzed Base Maps

Scott Parks public at postholer.com
Mon Oct 24 22:36:04 CDT 2011

As always Blisterfree, you are the master of the written word.

We're all part of the big picture. Collectively, we can make something 
really cool.

So, I'm in. If anyone has an accurate trace or accurate way points, it 
would be great to hear from you.

I've still got lots of data from those who have sent me stuff recently 
and in the past. Thank you!

A thorough, complete accurate track would nail it.




I think it's fair to say you've become the Steve Jobs of long trail 
mapping projects. Too bad the Continental Divide Trail is still running 

Of course, we all know the deal. The CDT isn't a singular entity, 
historically and hopefully forever in spirit. Jonathan Ley's painstaking 
work over the years tells this story and supports it, this role of the 
trail being a catalyst for one's own unique adventure along the Divide.

Yours is the elegant solution, and the digital base maps and all the 
cross-referenced information is as good as opium for the hardcore map 
addict. But Jonathan's efforts are grounded in the reality of the CDT 
experience, down and dirty, open to whim and fancy, binary-defying, rife 
with uncodifiable messiness but perfect for the human brain, or at least 
the brain of a CDT hiker.

Still, one is left to wonder what would come of it, if we could put 
Thomas Edison and Pablo Picasso together in the same room with a common 

- blisterfree

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