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Hi!I've just driven through the great divide basin to support Redbull and the Wizards. Since me and Girlscout, who also been out here with a car, was able to get to them every day, the water report I have is not complete and there might be sources I've missed but this is what I know:NOBO:
The alternative roadwalk into Rawlins (Ley WY40 note 3) is 37 miles from the road to the bridge in Rawlins where you cross the train tracks.There are a long stretch of road work for miles before and after Teton Reservoir on Ley 37b so you can most likely yogi some water from them. 
Ley WY40, note 4: Good water in the creeks under the road a mile north of here.Ley WY37b, I think around note 2 (I misplaced my milege note about this place): There's a good flow here with a little reservoir right next to the road, but don't know if it's saline or not.Ley37a: The Teton Reservoir 3/4 mile in from the road has plenty of water, campground, but no spigots. Don't know the quality of water, if saline or not
I heard from a hiker in Rawlins that there's not much water/ or too saline between Rawlins and Bridger Pass if your taking the red/official route south of Rawlins, but ok somewhere just south of the pass. Sorry for the vague info.

North of Rawlins:
Ley WY34, note 4: Fish Pond Spring good
Ley WY28c, note 2: Bull Spring fenced off from cows and good
Didn't check the solar wells on Ley WY28b...
Ley WY28a, note 1: A&M Reservoir with creek good
Ley WY28a, note 2: Good flowing water in these creeks
Ley WY28, note 1: Looked lush around it, but didn't check
Ley WY26, note 1: Water here if you really need to, but cows in the water..
Ley WY26, note 2 and 3: Nasty brown pools
Ley WY25, note 1: Really good water here.
Ley WY24: The Sweetwater River is full of water weather you walk it (a lot of cows I heard) or if you just cross it on the red route.
Ley WY23: Willow creek has water if you're following the purple route into South Pass City, but there's cows around as always..

Happy Trails!Kristina/Lemonade 		 	   		  
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