[Cdt-l] Teton Range Alternate Route

thomas hogeboom thogeboom at fairpoint.net
Sat Jul 14 14:46:45 CDT 2012

I looked seriously at this route in 2008, and would have tried it, but
there was too much snow when I was starting my southbound section hike
(Old Faithful to Rawlins) in early July. The route I planned veered off
from the CDT BEFORE Shoshone Lake (which turned out to be awfully
mosquito-infested, with the trail underwater for half a mile) and instead
I planned to head down the Bechler River, which reportedly has some great
waterfalls and hot springs to bath in. On the map, it looked to me like
you could piece together trails and dirt roads to get to Grand Teton NP
(and the Teton Crest Trail) but take note: the area between the Bechler
River and GTNP is said to be an area with a relatively large population
of grizzlies. South of the Teton Crest Trail, my planned route went
through the town of Jackson Hole (including a stop at the Merry Piglets
restaurant) and then into the Gros Ventres, with a return to the CDT at
Green River Lakes.

It's a shame the CDT bypasses the Grand Tetons. I hiked a 40 mile loop in
the park back in 1975, and it was it was one of the highlights of my
entire hiking 'career.'

If I were to do the CDT again, I would opt for this alternate through the
Grand Tetons. I would also look for a better way to see more of


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