[Cdt-l] Be careful out there.... :O

Bob Bankhead wandering_bob at comcast.net
Sat May 19 10:26:34 CDT 2012

I've used a Caldera Cone for the past three years. It comes with either an
alcohol or Esbit stove - your choice. Once lit and the pot installed, most
winds won't move it. If it's blowing hard enough to do so, ask yourself why
you're trying to light a fire right now. (When lighting Esbit tablets, any
breeze is your enemy to begin with)

Now the caveats:

Caldera cones have no side access point and cannot be installed over the
stove until AFTER the stove is fueled and ignited.

Once installed over the burning stove, it is still very vulnerable to being
blown over until the pot and contents are on the cone.

Even after all this - and like all other stoves - the Caldera Cone set-up
remains vulnerable to carelessness and stupidity by those around it. I once
lost my balance getting up and stumbled back onto the thing, which
fortunately, wasn't burning at the time.


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