[Cdt-l] The deal with the Northern Terminus...

Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 28 12:49:51 CDT 2012

Hey Furniture-

Congrats on finishing! Great meeting you way back at Ghost Ranch this late spring. You were arriving as I was leaving, but you quickly went on to pass me in true CDT thru-hiker fashion. Which is to say, quickly and without my even seeing you do it. Also in broad daylight, such that one moment your Salamon XA tracks just suddenly appeared on the road in front of me. On the CDT I believe this is known as having a social encounter.

Thanks for keeping the list up-to-speed over these recent months. It'd be nice if more hikers would follow your lead in that regard.

All best,

- blisterfree

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Hello from East Glacier Park, MT

Furniture here, writing to fill all you remaining NOBO's in on the details
of finishing.  

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