[Cdt-l] New Mexico : Doc Campbells to Pietown

Matt Parker zerosignal74 at comcast.net
Sat Apr 27 12:58:39 CDT 2013

Hello All,


Working on my 2014 CDT plan and discovered it's ~210 miles between Doc
Campbells (mile marker 187) and Pietown (mile marker 398). The only
resupplies along the way from the info I have (thank you Yogi!) are hitches
into Winston (mile 250 : 24 mile hitch) and Reserve (mile marker 360 : 28
miles hitch). Is this right and if so what is the best town to
hitch/resupply in? I could try and do ~26 mile days for an 8 day resupply
but that is not entirely desirable. I'm more of a 20 mile / day hiker.




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